Rainbow Six Siege kicks off a new holiday-themed CTF snowball fight mode

The first Rainbow International Snowball Fight is a capture the flag mode that kicks off tomorrow

Rainbow Six Siege's Blackbeard is dressed as Santa for 2021's holiday Snow Brawl limited time event.

Pull out those tactical ugly Christmas sweaters, because Rainbow Six Siege is kicking off another snowball fight. This year, the multiplayer game is throwing a new twist on the holiday limited time event by making it an intensely icy capture the flag mode.

The Snow Brawl is a fairly traditional capture the flag mode with respawn enabled. You’ll be armed with unlimited snowballs as your primary weapon, but you’ll have a punchy Snowblast Launcher ready in the secondary slot. Three hits downs a player, and they’ll have to head back to respawn. There are boosts scattered around the map, which – appropriately – is a heavily modified spin on Chalet.

Standard CTF rules apply: the object is to snatch the flag from the opposing team’s base and return it to your own home without being downed. Your team earns a point each time they successfully steal the opposing flag, and the team with the most points when time runs out is the winner. In the case of a tie, there’s a sudden-death overtime round.

Here’s the trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

As you can see, the event features festive outfits, smoke grenades, and lots of snowball throwing. It’s set to run December 14 – January 4, and while it’s active you can earn Snow Brawl Collection packs by completing event challenges. These are also available to buy for either 300 R6 credits or 12,500 renown each, but you’ll also get one free pack just for logging in during the Snow Brawl event.