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Rainbow Six Siege Y5S2.1 update nerfs Melusi, Ace, and Hibana - and adds a cool new feature

Melusi, Ace, and Hibana are the latest Rainbow Six Siege operators to be nerfed - check out the full patch notes here.

Melusi loadout Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft is in the process of rolling out a new Rainbow Six Siege update, the biggest since the release of Operation Steel Wave a couple of weeks ago. The Y5S2.1 patch will nerf Hibana, Ace, and Melusi, and it will be live later today, June 30.

In addition, the update introduces a cool new feature named match cancellation. This allows an incomplete team to vote to abandon ranked matches, absolving them of an abandon penalty and meaning they will see no impact on their matchmaking ranking. However, Ubisoft warns this option will only be available in matches that begin with uneven teams, and that if you leave before the vote has passed, you’ll still be hit with abandon sanctions.

Melusi’s nerf is the most significant in the Y5S2.1 patch: her Banshee device now slows enemies from a shorter range than before and makes a slightly quieter sound, reducing its effectiveness.

Ace and Hibana, meanwhile, see very similar nerfs to one another: their respective X-Kairos and Selma devices will no longer destroy gadgets on the other sides of walls, as their explosion damage cannot now pass through walls. Other than that, the update, which should be completed on June 30 at around 07:20 PT / 10:20 ET / 15:20 BST following 20 minutes of server downtime, contains a bunch of bug fixes. You can read the full list below, via Ubisoft.

For more on the latest season, on the other hand, check out our roundup of everything we know about Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Steel Wave operators.

Rainbow Six Siege Y5S2.1 update patch notes


Match Cancellation

Match Cancellation will go live with the Y5S2.1 update! We have tested it on the TS and as well as internally against a number of potential circumstances. However as it is a new feature, please let us know if you have any feedback or issues to report with Match Cancellation at r6fix.ubi.com.

Match Cancellation is a new feature that will allow players to cancel their current Ranked match under the condition that team sizes are unbalanced at the beginning of the match (eg: if players disconnect before the first round, or if a lobby is formed with less than 10 players). The Match Cancellation vote option will become available for the incomplete team during the prep phase and a majority vote will cancel the match. A canceled match will show as canceled and have no impact on MMR.

Abandon penalties are still in place and players who abandon an ongoing Ranked Match are still subject to escalating abandon sanctions.

If a match cancellation vote is triggered, leaving before the validation of the Match Cancellation vote will also result in an abandon penalty. Players should remain in the game until the Match Cancellation vote is validated and the game has been canceled.



  • Lowered the penalty zone by approximately 33%.
  • Reduced max range penalty radius from 6m to 4m (range in which penalty increases from 25% to 50% the closer you get to the gadget)
  • Reduced critical Range penalty radius from 3m to 2m (range in which penalty is 50%) See diagram below for how Banshee’s penalty ranges work.
  • Lowered the sound of the Banshee effect in first person POV.

Ace and Hibana

  • Explosion damage can no longer pass through reinforced walls and destroy fragile gadgets on the other side when you place Hibana’s X-Kairos and Ace’s SELMA on the floor.



  • FIXED – Inconsistent runout detection timer meant detection would sometimes take longer than 2s. (Now should consistently take 2s to detect).
  • FIXED – The reload animation of the K1A resets if animation is interrupted when making a full reload.
  • FIXED – Bomb remodel tweaks to fix issues with pixel peeks.


  • FIXED – Hitboxes of Melusi’s Banshees are larger than the model.
  • FIXED – Yokai can sometimes see onto the rooftops/second floor when attached to thin ceilings.

Level design

  • FIXED – Vault issues on maps.
  • FIXED – Various clipping and dynamic clipping issues on maps.
  • FIXED – Various LOD/visual issues on maps.
  • FIXED – Oryx unable to climb on the southern side of the hatch from B Secure Hallway in Bank.
  • FIXED – Operators can be killed/damaged by explosion damage through a solid wall in 2F Meeting Room on Consulate after first layer of floor is destroyed.
  • FIXED – Lighting issue in 1F Small Tower Office of Oregon making it hard to see operators when prone in a dark corner.
  • FIXED – Pixel peek from 2F Dorm Hall in Oregon.
  • FIXED – Gadgets can be deployed inside the pots in 1F Kitchen of Oregon and still function.
  • FIXED – Defenders can jump onto the window frame of 2F Fireplace Hall in Kafe.
  • FIXED – Gadgets remain floating after being placed on barrels that are later destroyed in B Wine Cellar of Chalet.
  • FIXED – Players can see into Chalet from a specific spot in EXT Front Yard.
  • FIXED – Secure area zone of 2F Bedroom in Clubhouse does not properly cover the entire room.
  • FIXED – Drones can fall OOB by jumping on a ledge in B Oil Pit of Clubhouse.
  • FIXED – Players can fall inside a decorative greenery pot, at the gazebo near EXT Main Entrance on Coastline.
Theme Park
  • FIXED – Operators can go prone on small ledges/surfaces, allowing them access to areas that are not intended to be accessible. (Sorry 🥥).
  • FIXED – Players can get on top of the chandelier in 2F Dragon Stairs of Theme Park (sorry again).
  • FIXED – Players can reach the roof of Theme Park from 2F Upper Arcade.
  • FIXED – Operators can place out of reach gadgets on the wall in 2F Control Room of Theme Park after vaulting on the Control Desk.

User experience

  • FIXED – Various menu/shop/HUD fixes.
  • FIXED – Various visual/cosmetic fixes.
  • FIXED – Gray attachment skin causes Optic sights to be invisible in ADS
  • FIXED – Pastel Engine weapon skin causes part of the Para–308 iron sights to disappear while in ADS.
  • FIXED – Dynamic Play button does not redirect to the Discovery playlist after using the Discovery Playlist.
  • FIXED – Players who ended the last season in Champions, the Champion badge in their ranked menu profile incorrectly displays #1 instead of their actual final Champions position.
  • FIXED – RFF symbol disappears if you reboot Uplay after activating RFF (visual only, RFF is still active).