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Rainbow Six Siege Y6S4’s new operator sounds like Kapkan meets Ela

It looks like the new Rainbow Six Siege Y6S4 operator will be a defender called Thorn

While there’s no word yet of a Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 Season 4 release date, some details appear to be emerging ahead of its arrival. A dataminer has shared some info that could give us a good idea of the FPS game’s next operator – and it sounds like they’re going to be a real mix of Rainbow Six Siege operators Kapkan and Ela.

Dataminer Benjaminstrike, who previously correctly indicated Flores’ arrival and gear and Year Six Season 1’s name, Crimson Heist, ahead of time, has posted some info about Siege’s new Year 6 Season 4 op. on Twitter. First up, it sounds like she – yep, it looks like she’ll be a female character – is a defender. This season’s operator Osa is an attacker, so having a defender inbound makes sense as that’ll help keep the roster balanced. It also appears she’ll be called Thorn, going by another of the dataminer’s posts (below), which additionally reveals some details about her gadget and playstyle.

The new operator will have a “throwable proximity-activated gadget called the Razorbloom Shell” which will stick to any surface, the dataminer says. When an attacking op. triggers its sensor this shell turns red and, after a short delay, “explodes into many high-velocity projectiles”, with damage dealt being based on proximity to its blast radius.

Further to this, Benjaminstrike explains that Thorn will carry multiple Razorbloom Shells as part of her gadget, so it appears she’ll get multiple opportunities to use them in each game.

Based on these nuggets of information, it sounds like this new defender could well be a mashup of Ela – whose own gadget is both throwable and proximity-based – and Kapkan, who has fixed explosives that attach to doors, in her playstyle.

Naturally, this is all completely unconfirmed by developer-publisher Ubisoft for now, so it’ll be worth keeping a weather eye on the game’s social media channels and blog if you’re keen to find out what’s definitely on the way with Year 6 Season 4 (which Benjaminstrike has previously indicated is called High Calibre – though, as with all of the above, that’s far from confirmed right now). Hopefully it won’t be too long before we hear the official word on what’s in store for Siege’s next season.

Right now there’s some new information about what’s coming with Siege’s Y6S3.3 patch soon, which you can check out the test notes for at that link.