Rainbow Six Siege freezing bug still an issue after Y7S3.2 patch

The Rainbow Six Siege freezing issue on PC has not been resolved with the Y7S3.2 patch that's rolled out, but Ubisoft says it's a "known issue" and top priority

A shot of Rainbow Six Siege operator Twitch in her riot gear against a blue background

The Rainbow Six Siege Y7S3.2 patch rolls out today, and the patch notes detail a few changes you can expect in the multiplayer game following this update. There are changes to the map rotations, making Stadium Bravo turn up more often for both ranked and unranked, and some gameplay fixes. However, the freezing issue PC players have been dealing with for the past two months has not been addressed in this patch – Ubisoft says it’s a high priority problem that the dev team is still tracking down.

On PC, players have reported low frames per second and even freezing in Rainbow Six Siege since before the launch of Operation Brutal Swarm in September. Unfortunately, that is still a ‘known issue’ for Rainbow Six Siege as of patch Y7S3.2.

“We are still investigating the primary cause of this issue,” Ubisoft says. “It is still a high priority for us.”

The Y7S3.2 patch notes do include changes to the map rotations: Stadium Bravo will pop up more frequently in the ranked map ban selection screen, and the changes of it showing up in the unranked map selection/ban screen have “increased massively to almost guarantee its appearance.”

The patch also tweaks the FOV and size for sights on Glaz’s OTs-03 and the Bearing 9, fixes the issue with players getting stuck in drones, corrects the mismatched recoil pattern preview images to align with the new recoils, and restores the missing scramble effects when operators are switching to or between observation tools.

The patch rolls out today, October 5, and weighs in at 1.21GB on Ubisoft Connect and 1.5GB on Steam.