Rainbow Six Siege Year 4’s first gadgets have already leaked

Operator gadgets have been leaked for the next season of Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege’s Year Four operator gadgets have been leaked online. The leak was posted by Reddit user u/FGljan who worked out the information through Ubisoft’s own website language files. The first is described as ‘Drones Hacked’ with the second being ‘Trax Deployed.’

Reddit users in the thread are guessing about what these descriptions could mean. Many are speculating that ‘drone hacker’ implies that it could be similar to Dokkaebi’s hacking gadget, but the ‘trax deployed’ gadget has everyone guessing. The top voted comment says: “It’ll be like a wide range mine that pings enemies that walk near or past it.”

This isn’t the first time u/FGljan has leaked Rainbow Six operator gadgets onto Reddit. In November, they managed to work out details about operators from Ubisoft’s json website files. In their first leak post, they unearthed the terms “Airjabs Detonated” and “Hatches Electrified” which we now know refers to Nomad’s powerful Air Jab launcher and Kaid’s Electroclaw gadgets.

The fact that u/FGljan’s previous leak turned out to be true lends credence to this one, but you should still read the new leak post with a pinch of salt.

Ubisoft hasn’t had a fun ride with Rainbow Six leaks. Details about both their new Operation Wind Bastion operators, Nomad and Kaid, leaked before they were officially announced. Both Nomad and Kaid have been nerfed prior to launch, too. Speaking of which, it’s the Rainbow Six Siege Wind Bastion release date in a few days – make sure to follow that link for much more info on what to expect when the latest season kicks off.