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Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 adds operators from Peru, Mexico, Kenya, and India

The new operators hail from around the world, so we're still unsure about what this year's theme will be.

rainbow six siege year 4 roadmap

The roadmap for Rainbow Six Siege has finally been unveiled at the Six Invitational 2019, which means we now know what countries the Year 4 operators will hail from, what maps are coming to Rainbow Six Siege in Year 4, and a few other key details about the next year of free and DLC content additions. We already know that the first stop on the roadmap is Australia via Operation Burnt Horizon, but the other three seasons are now known, too.

As hinted yesterday, Year 4 Season 2 will add the first Rainbow Six Siege Danish operator, as well as another operator from the United States Secret Service. Instead of a new map, Y4S2 will rework Kafe.

Year 4 Season 3 will add an operator from Peru and an operator from Mexico, while reworking the Kanal map. Our best guess is that this operation will revolve around anti-cartel special forces, so it’s odd that we won’t see a fresh map set in South America.

Finally, the Year 4 Season 4 lineup consists of Kenyan and Indian operators which is an unexpected mashup and frankly leaves us a little baffled as to what the overarching theme of this operation will be. Yet again, there will be no new map for Year 4 Season 4, and instead we’ll be getting a rework of the Theme Park map.

In addition to all of this there will also be operator reworks for Lion, Glaz, Capitão, and Dokkaebi. Release dates for all of these reworks aren’t in place, but we do know that the Lion rework is scheduled for the first half of Year 4. To make up for the lack of map reworks there will also be a mid-season events, which presumably will be similar to events like the Halloween House event.

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Ubisoft has also announced that they are creating dedicated teams for addressing issues with game such as player behaviour, balancing, and narrative. So, while many people were expecting to see a Operation Health 2, it looks like Ubisoft hope to deliver key fixes without breaking the content flow.

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