Rainbow Six Siege Y7 roadmap update pushes key features back to S4

A few of the features initially planned for Rainbow Six Siege Y7S3 have been delayed until season four, but a familiar map is joining the competitive pool

Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 roadmap update: Operator Sen fires a rifle at an unseen target

Ubisoft has announced some adjustments to the Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 roadmap. Some of the key features that were originally planned for the multiplayer game’s third season this year have been pushed back to season four, but another map will be joining the ranked/unranked pool to help soften the blow.

The Rainbow Six team hasn’t revealed the map that will be joining the competitive map pool in season three, but says it’s “a map you’ve played before”, that it was part of an event, and that it’s never been included in the competitive pool before. Players reckon that this effectively narrows it down to the Road to the Six Invitational Stadium map, although that could mean either of two versions that have appeared in the game to date.

Other features that had been planned for season three have been delayed until season four. These include Ranked 2.0, the restrictions on voice chat for players who are verbally abusive on mic, and the beta version of the reputation score display.

Some changes will be coming with the season three update, however, including the addition of impact EMP grenades to several operators’ loadouts.