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Rambo: The Video Game is getting DLC and we can’t work out why

Rambo: The Video Game

There are a few films that repeatedly get adapted into games under different names: Blade Runner, Aliens and, if you’re counting bodies, Rambo. 

Spend some time with one of the best FPS games on PC if you want to put this one into stark perspective.

It might have escaped your attention that there’s an official counterpart to the series Sylvester Stallone didn’t receive any Best Original Screenplay nominations for. But there it is on Steam: Rambo: The Video Game. It’s an on-rails shooter, two years old, and – for some reason – getting a big old dollop of free DLC today.

The Baker Team pack sends Rambo “on a covert mission deep into Viet Cong territory”, but you can bet your last ammo belt it’ll get pretty overt in short order. It’s comprised of three new missions, which allow the use of five acronymous new weapons: the MP44, SPAS12, XM79, PPSH41 and CAR15.

“Baker Team contains an original story set during John Rambo’s service as a Green Beret,” say publishers Reef Entertainment. “Rambo leads the Baker Team and joins Barry, Messner and Danforth deep [in] territory with high Viet Cong activity.”

There’s also a new difficulty setting called, brilliantly, John Rambo. You simply can’t use Rambo’s first name without it sounding ridiculous – any more than you can Columbo’s.

Baker team is free to all owners of Rambo: The Video Game in the US and Europe. Is that you? Are you who this is for?