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Rayman Legends is coming to PC on 30th August


Rayman Legends, sequel to the colourful platformer Rayman Origins, is coming to the PC. It will be on sale from 30th August, the same day it hits every other console. This is cause for celebration.

It’s super nice that we actually get a Ubisoft game at the same time as everyone else, for once. Ubi has a track record of making us PC players wait weeks/months for a game after its console launch date. Wonderfully for Rayman Legends, we get treated like first class citizens travelling business class. Don’t get too cozy though, Assassins’ Creed won’t be getting the same treatment. For now, consider this a joyful one-off.

Rayman Legends will keep the fantasy feel of the first game and add a set of new game modes, characters, environments and tuneful soundtrack. If it’s anything like Origins, it will be amazingly beautiful to look at and an absolute joy to play. If you already know you’re onboard for Legends, you can pre-order at the Uplay store, where you’ll get a free copy of Origins.