You can play a forgotten SNES Rayman game on PC


Michel Ancel’s Rayman lived an early life as a platformer on the Super Nintendo long ago, and now you can experience said platformer by means of an emulator on PC. 

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A long-lost prototype was recently uploaded by Lizardcube founder Omar Cornut, with the blessing of Rayman’s creator. Ancel himself actually happened upon the prototype last year, and now Cornut has taken it upon himself to share with the masses via Dropbox.

You’ll need to finagle some sort of SNES emulator to get it working, but if you’re not interested in doing that, nor downloading any sort of ROM, you can check out the video above for a look at how the unfinished prototype plays.

It’s a fairly interesting collection of levels with tight platforming elements and so makes for decent insight into the minds of the original game’s production team.