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Pick up the Razer Enki Gaming Chair for $50 less on Amazon

Searching for a new ergonomic seat? The Razer Enki gaming chair is $50 cheaper on Amazon US, meaning you can pick up a premium perch and save a few pennies

Razer Enki gaming chair on blue and pink backdrop

Many of us spend more time at our gaming desks than on a living room sofa, so investing in the best gaming chair makes sense. That said, not everyone has spare funds to pick up a swish new seat, especially if you’re saving up for new gaming PC parts. Thankfully, gaming furniture discounts rear their head from time to time, and you can currently grab $50 off Razer’s Enki gaming chair right now on Amazon.

Over Amazon US, you can grab a Razer Enki gaming chair for $349.99, thanks to a 12% discount. While it’s tempting to save money by just repurposing a dining room seat, your posture will thank you for using this ergonomic perch. Its built-in lumbar support will help keep you comfy during lengthy sessions, and it’ll keep you from slouching while shooting in FPS games.

Unlike other gaming chairs, the Enki manages to avoid racing stripe aesthetics and instead embraces a subtle black colour scheme. In terms of materials, it features dual-textured, synthetic Leather that boasts durability and comfort while gracing your buns with plush textured fabric.

While the Enki is designed with desktop gaming in mind, its 52-degree recline means you can also kick back and play on your Steam Deck. In fact, you don’t have to go anywhere near your rig, as Razer’s throne arguably holds up against armchairs and traditional furniture.

If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you can grab Razer’s gaming chair using next-day delivery. Newcomers can also grab a 30-day free trial, so you won’t have to fork out more cash to sit on a premium perch.