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Save $70 on this tiny Razer optical gaming keyboard, if you’re quick

The Razer Huntsman Mini is now available for just $79.99 with the base analog optical switches, and it even comes in white now too.

Razer Huntsman Mini 60% Deal Best Buy

If you have limited desk space, or prefer your keyboard to be a bit smaller, we’ve found a brilliant mini gaming keyboard deal for you. The Razer Huntsman Mini, with its 60% layout, is currently on sale directly through Razer and at Best Buy with savings of up to $70, depending on which switches you choose.

Razer is known for making some of the best gaming keyboards on the market, and the Hunstman line sits at the forefront of gaming capabilities thanks to its optical switches. Small but mighty, the Hunstman Mini 60% has an aluminum build, and is fully programmable without the need for software, thanks to on-the-fly macro recording.

The Razer Huntsman Mini 60% with the base analog optical switches has an MSRP of $149.99, but on the Razer website, this has been slashed by 46% down to $79.99. This edition is only available in black, but if you’re after one of Razer’s new white keyboards, you simply need to change the switches you get with the board.

The Purple Clicky and Red Linear switch editions of the board are also on sale via Razer, but you’ll actually save more by heading to Best Buy, where the keyboard is on sale for $89.99 with both switch types, saving you $30 and $40 respectively over the prices on the Razer website.

Strangely, the prices vary between the black and white boards, with the black Linear version being reduced to $99.99, while the black Clicky version is down to $88.99. Either way, all these keyboard prices are currently cheaper via Best Buy, with the exception of the model with the base analog switches. However, should stock run out, you can always head back to Razer to secure a deal.

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