Save up to 48% off this Razer Kraken gaming headset

You can get big savings on this quality set of Razer cans for a limited time

Razer Kraken gaming headset

Picking up one of the best gaming headsets is important if you want to experience all a game has to offer, but it's especially essential for competitive gaming where every sound matters. If you don't have a quality set of speakers, how do you expect to pick up your enemy's footsteps in FPS games like Rainbow Six Siege and CS:GO? And don't get us started on keeping teammate comms clear with a high quality microphone.

Razer's wired Kraken headset has been a popular choice for a number of years and is a great buy, particularly with a hefty discount like this. Better yet, if you buy now, you'll still get the pair of cans before Christmas, whether it's intended as a gift or as a well-earned upgrade for beating 2020.

Over on Amazon US, you can currently get the Kraken gaming headset in Razer's signature green for $64.99, which shaves 19% ($15) off its original price. And if, much like Bruce Wayne, you're wondering if it comes in black, it sure does – and at the same discount. That being said, adding a splash of blue brings things down 25% ($20) to $59.99, so there is that. Across the pond, you're better sticking with the green model if you want the best savings, as a chunky 48% (£38) has been lopped off, meaning you'll pay just £41.99 on Amazon UK.

The headset is constructed around a lightweight aluminium frame, with a nice thick headband, and the ear cushions have cooling gel – all of which should add up to a comfortable experience even when wearing the Kraken for long periods.

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The sound comes courtesy of custom-tuned 50mm drivers with decent bass response, which can be experienced on pretty much any platform thanks to its versatile connectivity. Since the Kraken uses a 3.5mm audio jack with in-line audio controls, it doesn’t matter whether you want to play on PC, console, or catch up with someone over a phone call – although you might need a USB C to 3.5mm adapter for the latter nowadays.