Razer’s Mamba gaming mice are under $60 with up to a 52% discount

There's nothing cheap about Razer's gaming mouse except the price

Razer's Mamba Elite gaming mouse sits on an RGB mouse pad next to a gaming keyboard

RGB lighting on the best gaming mouse might seem a little redundant given that it's often covered by the palm of your hand, but it can really bring a setup together. There aren't too many that impress us, either, but the Razer Mamba Elite stands above the rest with a staggering 20 customisable RGB zones across the body, logo, and scroll wheel. Better yet, it's nearly half price right now.

At just under $60 on Amazon US, the Razer Mamba Elite is takes $30 (33%) off its MSRP. Even the Mamba Wireless is getting in on the action under $50 with a staggering 52% off. Meanwhile, Amazon UK users get £35 (39%) lopped off the Mamba Elite, bringing the rodent to a grand total of £55. Alternatively, you could wait until Amazon Prime Day to see more deals on June 21.

It's not all about aesthetics, even if Razer does make good looking clickers. Under the hood, it has a 16,000DPI 5G optical sensor based on the Pixart PMW339 and durable switches co-developed with Omron that are rated for upwards of 50 million clicks – which is impressive, considering other Razer mice usually sit around the 20 million mark.

It’s pretty comfortable for right-handed gamers with concaves in all the right places and rubber grips either side of the mouse so it doesn’t slip out of your grasp. It’s not quite lightweight, but it’s pretty slender at 96g, sitting under the average.

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Like all Razer products, you can customise the lighting, DPI, and macros from within its Synapse 3 software, which is pretty intuitive these days and even syncs its Chroma lighting with a bunch of other branded peripherals so you can mix and match.