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This Razer wireless gaming mouse is at its lowest price ever

The Razer Viper Ultimate wireless gaming mouse is currently under $80 with its included RGB charging dock, the lowest price it's ever been on Amazon

Razer Viper ultimate gaming mouse on green and black desk

Coming up with a wireless gaming mouse as players try to shave every gram they can off their rodent is no mean feat, but the Razer Viper Ultimate gives the best of both worlds. Packing a battery that lasts up to 70 hours if you don’t mind flicking the Chroma RGB lighting off, this clicker sits in your palm at just 74 grams, and it’s currently the cheapest it’s ever been on Amazon.

If you act quickly, you can get the Razer Viper Ultimate for $79.99, which is nearly half the price of its MSRP. Yes, you can currently find the gaming mouse even cheaper at Best Buy with a $69.99 price tag, but there’s one crucial difference: this one comes bundled with the charging dock and it’s well worth the extra ten dollars.

Not only does the charging dock look good, threading your setup together with RGB lighting and propping your rodent up as a showpiece when it’s juicing up, it’s also a good indicator of your device’s battery life. Razer uses a traffic light system to indicate what percentage battery life you have left, and while you could just use the Razer logo on the device itself when wired, it’s far easier to spot from across the room using the stand.

Under the hood is a 20,000DPI optical sensor, five on-board memory profiles to remember your preferred settings, and Razer Hyperspeed technology. The latter means you won’t need to worry about latency and can connect all your wireless Razer peripherals with a single input – no more filling up the USB slots on the best gaming motherboard.

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We think it’s the best wireless gaming mouse for FPS games at the moment, at least until we can try out the brand-new Razer Viper V2 Pro. If you want to get your hands on it sooner rather than later, you should subscribe to Amazon Prime. Not only will you speed up the delivery time of your order, but you’ll also enjoy the benefits of all the games and goodies offered by Twitch Prime too.