R.C. Bot Inc. giveaway! Win one of 200 Steam keys for this physics-based robo-sim!

RC Bot Inc giveaway

Not all robots are out to get you, despite what the movies would have you believe. For every one bad egg who wants to overthrow humankind, enslave them in an enormous network of liquid-filled pods and dull their psyches with a simulated computer program of reality, there’s easily a hundred who are happy to do our bidding. The titular non-humans of R.C. Bot Inc. featured in this week’s giveaway are just such accommodating types, happy to be used as training tools for… well, all sorts actually.

The physics system underpinning R.C. Bot Inc is entirely new and designed to mirror real-life movement on an unprecedented level. That means when you’re flying around your multi-talented bot in a spot of space training, it’s reacting just like that real billion-dollar R.C. monstrosity you have in your garage to terrify your neighbours.

We’ve teamed up with developers Blue Budgie Studios to put 200 full copies of the game up for grabs. All you need to do to enter is follow the steps below. It’s really, really easy, we promise.

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R.C. Bot Inc. giveaway