Rainbow Six and SWAT heir Ready or Not is out now in early access

Ready or Not is the Rainbow Six Siege or SWAT-like tactical FPS from Team 17, and it's out now - but is it too early access?

Rainbow Six-like Ready or Not will launch this month in early access

December 18, 2021: Ready or Not has now released in early access along with an expensive Supporter Edition.

While Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six: Siege goes from strength to strength, many fans may be hungering for the classic Rainbow Six or SWAT tactical FPS vibes that Ready or Not is planning to provide. Now, four and half years since it was announced, Ready or Not has finally hit its early access release.

Ready or Not is tactical FPS made as a spiritual successor to classic Rainbow Six and SWAT games which was announced way back in May 2017. Developed by VOID Interactive, earlier this year it was announced that Ready or Not would be published by Team 17 – as well as confirmed that it would launch in Steam Early Access first.

Just last week VOID Interactive finally confirmed that Ready or Not will hit early access this month – albeit, by the sounds of it, a little earlier than the team would’ve liked. While an early “supporter edition” of Ready of Not has already been released, VOID apparently couldn’t persuade Steam to provide more keys for this version of the game without going live – so that’s what the team is going to do.

It also sounded like there were money concerns too, especially if Ready or Not was previously supported by backers. VOID says it didn’t want to release a game that wasn’t “up to snuff for our audience” against the harsh competition on Steam, but now will launch an “early stage” beta in order to “resume providing Supporter Packages to our backers and secure the resources necessary to continue the game’s development”. On a more positive note, this will allow the potential for a larger audience on Steam “to experience Ready or Not sooner than they would have otherwise”.

Well, the game’s finally out on Steam and it’s currently sitting on a Very Positive rating despite VOID seemingly releasing it before the team wanted to. There’s also a premium Supporter Edition which comes with a number of pieces of cosmetic DLC.

The team says Ready or Not will “require lots of additional content before it is ready for full release” and will continue adding new maps, characters, weapons, and other features throughout the game’s early access release. Aside from co-op and PvP, Ready or Not already looks like it will fill the single-player Rainbow Six-style game that Siege has ignored – so hopefully it will live up to its promise.