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Rebel Galaxy is an outlaw space adventure with big ol' capital ships from ex-Torchlight devs

Rebel Galaxy

When Runic Games’ co-founders, Travis Baldree and Erich Schaefer left the Torchlight studio and set up Double Damage Games earlier this year, they had yet to announce their first project. However, given their past, developing Fate, Diablo and Torchlight, it wouldn’t have been bonkers to expect them to make another ARPG. 

Rebel Galaxy is not an ARPG. It’s a Firefly, outlaw and ‘70s sci-fi inspired space adventure. 

Set in a randomly generated universe, Rebel Galaxy puts players in the gravity boots of an outlaw captain of a battle-hardened capital ship.

Combat is all about action, controlling individual turrets or firing off broadside attacks and devastating multiple targets. But fightin’ isn’t the only thing outlaws can get up to. Trading, mining and scavenging offer breaks from the blowing up of enemy ships. 

And what is space without shifty aliens to make deals with, hapless traders to protect and mercenaries to hire, work with or hunt down? Rebel Galaxy has that covered too, it seems. 

It’s due out next year. 

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Runeclaw69 avatarDog Pants avatarFraser Brown avatarAnakhoresis avatarAethelric avatarTsunamiWombat avatar+1
Runeclaw69 Avatar
3 Years ago

Oh, very interesting.

I need to show this to some friends, I know they will fall in love with that little trailer.

Dog Pants Avatar
3 Years ago

Well I'm not sure if I'll like the way it plays, but I do like its style. Is that fish-faced freak speaking the same language as Greedo from Star Wars?

Fraser Brown Avatar
3 Years ago

It does sound a lot like Huttese.

Anakhoresis Avatar
3 Years ago

... I think I'm sold.

Aethelric Avatar
3 Years ago

I like that space games suddenly are broad enough to include traditional sims like Elite: Dangerous alongside great-looking romps like this one. Looks like an interesting take on Age of Sail combat and piracy.. in space.

TsunamiWombat Avatar
3 Years ago

Whats this?

A space game that isn't BEGGING for free money?

Wheres the kickstarter? Where's the insistence "it'll be great man just throw money at us"?

cgerrr Avatar
3 Years ago

What's with the spherical shape in every single space title nowadays? Creative much?