Rebellion tease something Sniper Elite related


Rebellion haven’t just been lolling about in money pool that was the success of Sniper Elite V2. They’ve knuckled down to develop something. Just what that something is we’ll discover on Valentine’s Day, 14 February (I do so hope it’s a DLC pack called Shot Through the Heart). Until then we’ve a teaser trailer to go on.

See what you can divine from the brief video below.


Eurogamer were able to confirm that it is indeed a Sniper Elite happening as opposed to something simply 2000 AD related (the developer owns the comic publisher which, among many other things, is responsible for the Judge Dredd series).

I’ll be interested to see what Rebellion have up their sleeve for the game. I was far from enamoured with its vanilla release: while it occasionally
played like the Sniper simulator it advertised itself to be, it quickly descended into an arcade shooter that just wasn’t up to scratch. Anything that remedies those problems would be ace.