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ReCore bust wide open in new 10 minute gameplay video

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It’s amazing how many games are showing at E3 that we still actually know extremely little about. And that’s even after we’ve played them a bit.

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Case in point: Microsoft’s Xbox One and PC exclusive ReCore, which has been especially hard to pin down ever since it was announced at last year’s E3. This year’s Xbox presser threw a new trailer our direction, but we were still none the wiser.

Now, a 10 minute gameplay video has hit the web courtesy of Gamespot and, finally, we can kind of get to grips with just what Keiji Inafune and co. have in store. Well, sort of.

As you can see from yourself, the off screen video shows 10 minutes of - dare I say it - quite old school third-person action. There’s lots of shooting, there’s lots of running, there’s lots of jumping. In fact, the whole thing plays out like one long series of boss battles, with play moving from one locked off cavern to another.

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Take a look elsewhere around the web and you’ll see said video is getting quite a mixed press. For me, I’d need to see more.

Yes, that’s something of a cop out, but given the talent behind the game - talent that’s worked on the likes of Mega Man, Metroid Prime and Batman: Arkham Origins, amongst others - it seems slightly ill-advised to take all too much from ten minutes of play. Ten minutes that all takes place in one area.

Hopefully Microsoft will cast more light on ReCore in the coming months, possibly at Gamescom. Anything that showcases more abilities of our robot buddy would be peachy. If not, we'll just have to wait until it comes out on 13 September.

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AnAuldWolf avatarMatso avatar
AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

This has a lot of personality, which means it has my interest. As such, I really hope it doesn't accept the death sentence of being 'exclusive' to the Windows store.

Matso Avatar
1 Year ago

Really? Seeing this it reminds me of a Free To Play game. Look at that jumping animation for instance, even WoW does that a bit better and thats a decade old mmo. Outside of the jumping it all other animations looked stiff and cheap as well as the super standard TPS gameplay.

The only thing that gave it a bit of soul so far is not even in this video and those are the cut scenes they have been showing. The gameplay itself now that we finally see it is totally uninspiring.