Games like Red Dead Redemption 2 help grow the industry, say EA

Red Dead Redemption 2

With Red Dead Redemption 2’s launch slipping back to 2018, other publishers can breathe easy, at least until next year. It’s one less major competitor to worry about. EA’s CFO Blake Jorgensen reckon it creates “a little bit of opportunity” for EA and their ilk. But that doesn’t mean he typically sees the competition as a negative thing. Indeed, he thinks it’s good for the entire industry. 

Will Red Dead Redemption 2 become one of the best PC games?

“We’ve had many times where we’ve gone into quarters that looked daunting because of the competition,” he told investors during the publisher’s recent financial report. “Think back to [Grand Theft Auto V] when it came out, and what we actually found is it grows the overall market. It drives console sales. Oftentimes, many of those titles get bundled to help drive or reduce the price of a console for the consumer, and it drives excitement in the marketplace, and we like that. It benefits the consumer and it benefits us because it generates a lot of buzz around games.”

Of course, that’s easy to say when your company’s portfolio includes Star Wars games, Battlefield, and one of the world’s most popular RPG developers. EA is no stranger to competing over a big slice of the pie, and just as often it is itself the Goliath that other publishers and developers are going up against. That doesn’t mean Jorgensen’s not celebrating the fact that 2017 will be Red Dead Redemption free, however.

Rockstar and Take-Two announced the delay earlier this year, though it’s not clear how this will affect a potential PC version. So far Red Dead Redemption 2 has only been announced for Xbox One and PS4 for Spring 2018.

CheersSeekingAlpha, via Gamespot.