This Red Dead Redemption 2 mod lets you duel NPCs

That'll teach 'em

Ever come across an NPC that looked at you funny in Red Dead Redemption 2? Now you can deliver some frontier justice with a new mod that lets you challenge them to a duel, like a proper cowboy.

Shtivi’s Duels mod lets you challenge anyone with a gun to a showdown, as challenging anyone without one would be mean, even in the Wild West. The modder explains that this one is inspired by the duels in the game and comes with customisable settings, cinematic duels, conversations, animations, and sound effects – the works, basically. It’s even controller friendly if that’s your preferred way of playing.

You can use the new feature by walking up to a cowpoke and locking onto them. You should notice a new prompt, which will lead to a blip being marked on your radar if you hit it. After that, you just need to draw your sidearm and, you know, win the duel. Now, there are some rules to observe here. You can walk away from the fight at any time, but your foe might attack you for being a yellow-belly coward. They also won’t take kindly to you attacking them while they’re getting into position. There’s a lot of proper duelling etiquette around this mod.

If you fancy downloading this one, you can find it on Nexus Mods alongside some instructions on how to do just that.

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Image credit: Shtivi (Nexus Mods)