Red Dead Redemption 2 mod might be the closest you get to an update

Red Dead Redemption 2 mod simply titled Law reinvents some of the game’s core systems, making it feel almost like a full update, just not one from Rockstar

Red Dead Redemption 2 updates have been far and far between – we’re starting to think there might never be another one ever again. So be thankful for this new mod, which transforms RDR 2’s single-player game by completely rewriting how sheriffs, marshalls, and bounty hunters respond to you and hunt you down.

Simply titled Law, the mod by SerjRozov overhauls how Red Dead Redemption 2’s various peacemakers respond to your crimes, be it in the wilderness, in town, or if you kill someone or simply rough them up a little.

If you commit a crime out on the plains, it’s always felt a little unusual, and unfair, how quickly lawmen seem to spawn in and home in on you. SerjRozov has managed to change all this, however, by using Red Dead Redemption 2’s map coordinates to adjust how quickly (and how many) police show up depending on how far you are from a town. Shoot someone right outside Strawberry and they’ll be there in seconds. But head right on out to the middle of Hanover, and unless there’s a witness, low severity crimes won’t bring any attention at all – even the most heinous acts, you’ll have a lot more time to get away before a band of instantly materialising cops roll up.

As for towns, if you stir up trouble in the base game bounty hunters and marshalls will just teleport in, en masse, inside and outside the jail. The mod changes this completely – now, they ride in on wagons and horses, arriving like reinforcements rather than just monster-closet goons.

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Also, if someone hassles you or wants to start a fight, and you hit them first, you’ll no longer be chased by the cops because they will see it as self-defence. You can also practise with your guns out in the wild as much as you want, so long as you’re not on private property. And there’s one last but significant tweak, whereby do-gooder pedestrians are less likely to witness or report your crimes if they happen at night. Little touches like these are just what we like to see in mods, since they add a whole new dimension to how you play the game. Some guy mouthing off at you during lunch at the Valentine saloon? Wait until evening, and you can give him a good hiding without any witnesses.

Law is available now for free, and goes well with another recent RDR 2 mod, which transforms the game’s impact and body physics to look more like Grand Theft Auto IV.