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This fan-made Red Dead Online map now shows you exact locations for bounties

The online tool will now save you more time hunting all bounties thanks to its latest update

One of the most useful tools for Red Dead Online players just got even more useful. Jean Ropke and company’s Red Dead Online Map has been updated, and now tracks all free roam bounties in the western game. That’s a big leg up for all players, but especially to solo players trying to haul in multi-target bounties.

If you’re a Red Dead Online player who is unfamiliar with Ropke’s map, you should take this opportunity to familiarise yourself with it – it’s a fantastically helpful tool, showing you the locations of just about everything that isn’t nailed down from New Austin to LeMoyne. With its latest update, that includes all tier one, tier two, and tier three bounties, showing you where each bounty target is and the location of every mission type. It’s refreshed along with the game world, so the information on it is always current.

As YouTuber Hazard points out in the video below, the map gives you every piece of information you need on a particular bounty, down to the precise spawn points and the areas where you’ll have to start tracking particular targets. You can see exactly on the map where each target is located when you arrive in the general location, which is a good deal more information than the in-game map provides.

Here’s Hazard’s rundown:

YouTube Thumbnail

As Hazard points out, solo players in particular can find it pretty tough to complete some of the free-roam bounties in the multiplayer game, and so having this additional information can make it possible to round up (or at least kill) all your targets when you’re riding without a posse.

Head over to the free Red Dead Online map on Github to start planning your next ride.