Red Dead Online’s weekly update ups rewards on Free Roam missions, events

We're also getting free travel and hair cuts this week

Red Dead Online has got its weekly reset today, so now we know how to busy ourselves for the coming seven days, partner. The update typically hits in the morning for us UK folk, so players tend to dig up what the bonuses are for the week. Rockstar has provided an official rundown on its newswire, though, so we have an official rundown on what's happening this week.

Prepare to scrap with other cowboys because this week is all about Free Roam missions and events. Taking part in either of them will net you double the experience you'd usually get, which is nifty. The sort of activities you'll be doing consist of competitive and cooperative challenges – from King of the Castle to Fool's Gold. But that's not all! If you're playing Free Roam missions with pals, you'll get an additional 40% in cash and RP on top of the usual posse bonus.

There's more motivation to grind this week, too, as you'll get the Bluewater Marsh Treasure Map for gaining one rank. Gain three, and you'll get the North Ridgewood Treasure Map and a free Ability Card. If you hit six, the lake Isabella Treasure Map, two free Ability Cards, and $150 in-game are yours.

If you’d like to see the rest of the perks, including free travel for the week, you can find the full post here.

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