Red Dead Online devs offer extra free gold with the new Outlaw Pass

Red Dead Redemption PC

Red Dead Online’s new Outlaw Pass is out in the wild now, and while it offers 100 ranks to work your way through earning gold, winter clothing, and other rewards, the reaction from players has been a bit on the chilly side. To help warm them up a bit, Rockstar is offering an olive branch: 10 more gold bars and RDO$400 to anyone who buys the western game’s new pass before December 7.

These 10 gold bars, plus the 30 you can earn from leveling up the Outlaw Pass, recoup the cost of buying the pass, which is 40 gold bars. That may help address some of the frustrations fans have expressed over the past few days, particularly over the recent nerf to daily challenge streak rewards that was introduced alongside the introduction of Red Dead Online’s new standalone version.

The 10 gold bars and RDO$400 should show up in accounts within 72 hours of purchasing the new Outlaw Pass, Rockstar said in a tweet announcing the bonus.

That should apply to anyone who already has the pass, and not just players who buy it from here on out, although we’re waiting to confirm that detail.

The Outlaw Pass is meant to be a more action-focused update than the previous Naturalist update, expanding the existing bounty hunter role by 10 ranks. More gold, more gunfights, and more stuff to earn – we’ll see if it’s enough to cheer up RDO’s more irritated players.

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