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The best shots from the Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer and what they might mean

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The Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer landed earlier today, and surprised many by being only 60 seconds long. But it was a pretty good 60 seconds; the trailer was a visual feast, opening with some luscious landscape shots that capture the scale of America's geography like little else in gaming. The second half of the trailer, by probably deliberate contrast, focused on the manmade world, and not in a flattering way: we saw squalid towns and a ranch set on fire.

It's worth taking a closer look at a few of these scenes, for they may contain some hints about what we can expect in the finished game. At the very least, speculation is fun, right?

We're keeping our eyes out for all the news about Rockstar's latest epic. Here's everything we know about Red Dead Redemption 2 so far.

The trailer opens with a shot of an unknown rider cresting a hill as the sun rises. Could this be a returning John Marston? It looks possible, judging from the silhouette alone.

A cowboy crests a hill as the sun rises

There are some truly stunning shots of America's landscapes on offer in the first half of the trailer. If the finished game looks anything like the below, we're in for a treat.

A deer overlooks a verdant valley

The actual business of cowboying - of rounding up cattle and managing a ranch - were big features of the first Red Dead Redemption, and rightly so, due to their role in taming the frontier. It has been rumoured that the new game might be a prequel, in which case it would make sense for ranching to make a return.

A cattle ranch

A wanderer sets up camp under a chillingly clear night sky.

A wanderer sets up camp beneath the stars

A pair of travellers ride a canoe up a river. John Marston couldn't swim in Red Dead Redemption and had to take an on-rails raft across a river to Mexico. Might this be set to change for the next game, with the addition of waterborne vehicles and/or swimming?

A pair of explorers row a canoe up a vast river

The locomotive here looks less modern than its equivalent in Red Dead Redemption, lending some credibility to the idea that the new game is a prequel. If the supposedly leaked map of Red Dead Redemption 2's territory is genuine, the railway is less developed than in the original, and we might see it push into the frontier as part of the story. Note also the bison (they are not, technically, buffalo): you could get an achievement for killing every last one in Red Dead Redemption.

A steam train chugs past a herd of bison on a prairie

It's another gorgeous shot, but it depicts something ugly: the harsh side of life in the West, with stagecoaches, clothing and general squalour that stands in contrast to the grandeur of Blackwater in the original.

Animals fight over a carcass, possibly for this man's entertainment

A mysterious man surveys a burning ranch. At this stage in the trailer, the narrator advises us to run. Might this be the antagonist?

A mysterious man - possibly an antagonist - looks on as a ranch burns

The trailer closes with this shot of seven riders - presumably the same seven as seen on the teaser art - riding into the plains.

The seven riders from the teaser art (we assume they're the same) ride off into the distance

And with that, Rockstar dropped the mic. It was much more teaser-y than many expected, but did plenty to whet our appetite; if you'd like to browse these screens and one or two others in a better resolution, check our Imgur here. What do you think we can guess from them?

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QDP2 avatarMister_Marston avatar
Mister_Marston Avatar
1 Year ago

Honestly I see no point in you writing or analyzing anything Red Dead anymore considering there's been no announcement of the PC version. All you're doing is giving more exposure to consoles with these articles.

Also considering the current track Rockstar has been keeping on the Red Dead series I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't even come out on PC. They even released a prehistoric Red Dead Revolver on PS4.

If it does then it'll be 6 months-3 years after, just after a portion of the pc community has bought a console version and they'll be willing to blindly cash out on a PC version too. Just like they paid full price GTA 5. Win win for Rockstar either way.

QDP2 Avatar
1 Year ago

I think we can guess; from the lack of communication; that there is no plans to release this game on PC in 2017....