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Red Dead Online’s weekly update adds more crimes

If only you could talk to these cowboys, then perhaps you could try and make friends with them.

A gang of Red Dead Online players on horses

There are now more ways for you to get up to some mischief in Red Dead Online. The western game’s weekly update has arrived, adding a new ruby for you to swindle alongside another contract as part of the recent Blood Money update.

Rockstar isn’t giving too much away in its newswire post, but there’s plenty of hints to get you started. This week you can go after a ruby known as The Ember of The East. Tensions are high between the senator’s liaison and the foreman of the local mine, so you might find the trail of something if you go sniffing around. If you manage to find the Ember before August 2, you’ll get a free off-hand holster. Do it on the ruthless difficulty, and you’ll unlock the Annesburg Cap for purchase from Madam Nazar.

You’ve also got the Dockside contract to busy yourself with this week. It involves tying up some loose ends before hitting a local shipping business in Saint Denis. The contract is three missions long, so you’ve got a wee bit of content to busy yourself with if you’re not out snagging rubies.

You’ll also find no camp fees this week, whereas the Butcher Table has seen its cost reduced by five gold bars. If you’d like to see this week’s update in full, you can find it here.

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