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Red Orchestra 2 and Rising Storm receive free map pack


A ways back now, Red Orchestra 2 developer Tripwire held a $35,000 contest to draw in some maps made by the community. Since the results were tallied and the winners chosen they’ve been releasing these maps, for free, as official custom maps.

Yesterday they released the final three maps.

These be the three maps in the new map pack, descriptions provided by Tripwire:

  • Bridges of Druzhina – features asymmetrical gameplay with the Soviets attacking across open country supported by a single tank, through a destroyed city and on to the final bridge.

  • Cold Steel – a lethal warren of huge factory buildings, creating both longer-range fire-fights and sudden, brutal close-quarters battles.

  • Gumrak Station – a re-imagining of an old favorite from the original Red Orchestra, as the Germans assault through trenches and a small village to the railway station of the title.

The maps are available for both Red Orchestra 2 and Rising Storm – Rising Storm contains all the Red Orchestra 2 multiplayer content so you’ll play as Soviets and Nazis, as if you were playing Red Orchestra 2. The update was pushed out last night so you should already have them installed or, at least, ready to go once you boot up Steam.

Both Red Orchestra 2 and Rising Storm are currently on sale. And, there’s also a new map-making competition, this time for Rising Storm. There are $25,000 in prizes, and you can read more about it here.

I’ve played a little Red Orchestra 2 and, at 75% off, it’s well worth the buy. Rob’s been very taken with Rising Storm and its asymmetric design, he also gave the game 8.3 when reviewing it for IGN.