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Redfall trailer reveals the bloodsucking business behind the vampires

A new Redfall story trailer shows us the bloodsucking business behind the creation of the vampires that you’ll face in the upcoming Bethesda co-op FPS game.

Redfall story trailer - Whispering Miss, a vampire with long black hair and tree-like growths sprouting from their back

Vampires galore stalk the streets of Redfall, but there’s even more sinister bloodsuckers lurking in the shadows of Bethesda and Arkane Austin’s upcoming co-op game. A new Redfall story trailer digs into the nefarious Aevum Therapeutics corporation responsible for the initial outbreak, giving us a glimpse of what we’ll be uncovering when the Redfall release date arrives.

“All we know so far is that this started with Aevum,” the latest official story teaser begins, “A company of parasites with a thirst for immortality.” This therapeutics corporation, then, appears to be the origin point for the vampiric creatures, which has since led to the sun becoming eclipsed and the rise of cults and chaos on the streets.

This culminated with the arrival of some particularly powerful figures, who are treated as gods by some of the cults operating across the city. We get a brief glimpse at some of these “unimaginably powerful vampires ruling over Redfall” that sound like they’ll be key opponents as we progress through the FPS game’s campaign.

Among these, we meet The Hollow Man, Bloody Tom, Miss Whisper, and The Black Sun – “Gods created by science… but how do we stop them?” In order to find an answer, you’ll have to explore the game’s open-world, which developer Arkane says more closely resembles that of Ubisoft’s Far Cry than the likes of Valve’s Left 4 Dead.

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Redfall gameplay footage included in the trailer also shows the player delving into mysterious doors awash with brightly coloured energy, which promise to hold clues about just how we’re going to begin going about putting a stop to all this mayhem. The trailer ends on a final glimpse of a pale figure with a high-backed dress and long, sharp nails who could well be one of the leading antagonists: “I’m the last… and the first. I will take everything you have.”

While the game is set to launch on PC Game Pass, you can also get Redfall free with a new graphics card from Nvidia. Check the Redfall system requirements to make sure you’re ready for launch – and browse more of the best vampire games on PC if you too have an insatiable thirst that can’t be quenched.