Redirection is a space-based puzzle game about guiding lost robots home


Redirection is an old-school puzzle game where you have to block, deflect and guide roaming robots to safety. It released at the end of October and you can check it out in the video embedded above.

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In Redirection you’ll play through 45 puzzling levels, the mechanics evolving as you make progress, with more complexity, depth and difficulty layered on top the deeper you get in. If you need some levity, the puzzler is also packed with minigames, including its take on Space Invaders.

Once you’re done with everything in the game already, there’s full Steam Workshop support, so you can build your own levels or play the creations of others.

Redirection was created by Daniel Ratcliffe, ex Frontier Developments and Free Radical Design developer, though he’s best known for creating some very successful Minecraft mods: ComputerCraft and ComputerCraftEdu.

Redirection is on Steam now for $7.99.

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