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Reflex movement trailer shows off how to go from A to B in style

Reflex Movement

Movement in FPS has largely taken the back seat in recent times: you hold sprint, have a single jump and be done with it. Well Reflex aims to harken back to the days where being able to bounce around the map skillfully was considered king. Developers Turbo Pixel have included various “trickjumps” to help players move across an arena not only with speed, but while looking good at the same time.

These aren’t your normal bunny-hops. Some are fairly easy. According to Turbo they’re “things [we’ve] taught a 7-year old who has only ever played Minecraft”. Others of course they’ve “screwed up more often than [they’d] like to admit”.

Where this really comes into play is in combination with the in-game map editor. Players will be able to create their own arenas, making use of all these movement methods for much more creative freedom.

If you like what you see, then maybe you’d like to give them a hand with their Kickstarter.

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1N07 avatarBraveToaster avatar
1N07 Avatar
3 Years ago

Looks awesome! I always loved doing bunny hops, strafe jumps, rocket jumps and all that, back when games still let you do that :D

BraveToaster Avatar
3 Years ago

So it's like Quake, only new? I like it