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Cold War RTS Regiments is out today from MicroProse

'90s sim publisher MicroProse is back with Cold War RTS Regiments - it's set in Germany in 1989, has 7 campaigns, and it's available now on Steam

Cold War RTS Regiments launch: A Soviet fighter jet soars up and away from a battle raging below

Cold War RTS game Regiments has just launched on Steam, offering players another opportunity to join the battle in the sunny hills of Germany in the late 1980s. Like Eugen’s latest RTS Warno, Regiments is about real-world units in a Cold-War-gone-hot scenario between NATO and the USSR, although Regiments includes a single-player campaign and seems to be keeping the scale a bit smaller.

In Regiments, you’ll take command of squads rather than individual units. These include infantry, engineers, scouts, armour, mechanised infantry vehicles, aircraft, and artillery, and they allow for a variety of realistic orders. Rather than simply saying “go here,” you can tell a unit to move fast or ‘hunt’ at a location.

These are the kinds of commands you’ll also find in more hardcore strategy series like Combat Mission, but Regiments is much more approachable. You’ll still have more than 100 vehicles to command across seven ‘operations’ or mini-campaigns, each one covering a different perspective on the war.

Here’s the trailer:

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You can find Regiments on Steam. It’s from publisher MicroProse, the sim/strategy powerhouse of the 1990s that was responsible for games like Carrier Command, the first two Civilization games, and XCOM: Enemy Unknown.