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Release the hounds: Watch Dogs launch trailer kicks the chaos off

Watch Dogs launch trailer

Watch Dogs is now out; here’s our Watch Dogs review.

After over five years of development and a six month delay, Watch Dogs is less than a week away. Ubisoft’s celebrating that fact with a flashy launch trailer interspersed with hyperboles taken from previews.

Plaster your eyes all over it below. 

The build up and sizable expectations have been a bit exhausting, especially since the delay announcement back in October of last year.

The fatigue has made way for cynicism and it’s fast becoming one of those titles that inspires people to call it guff before it’s even crawled out of the publisher’s womb, while others cling to their initial excitement and anticipation.

It remains to be seen if this open world hack ‘n shoot affair can inject some vitality into a genre that’s getting a wee bit stale, but there’s certainly a lot to be intrigued by.

We’ll be tossing up a Port Inspection come launch day, so you can see if Nvidia and Ubisoft’s partnership has paid off, with our review coming out soon after. So keep your peepers open.