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Remember Me trailer opts for flesh covered actors instead of polygons


With Capcom’s action game Remember Me’s launch just around the corner, the publisher has released a live action trailer to tease something of the game’s history and the story you’ll be playing through. It’s all very cerebral.

Memory is a fascinating subject to be explored – the success of films like Inception and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind indicate we’re all interested in what’s going on in our heads. Though, as we’ve said before, Remember Me’s approach to dealing with memory seems lacking in ambition: memory alteration is limited to highly scripted puzzle rooms and outside of that the game looks like a straight action game.

That said, Remember Me’s main draw is its similarities to Bungie’s Oni – a forever underappreciated game. Oni’s blend of beat’em’up combo combat complexity with third-person platforming made for an excellent game. There have been other games that have touched on Oni’s physicality but none which have looked quite as similar as Remember Me. Hopefully that comparison will only become stronger when we get our hands on a copy.

Jeremy wasn’t thoroughly impressed when he played it in April, mind.

Cheers, VG247.