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Remnant: From the Ashes’ free DLC adds a new dungeon called Leto’s Lab

Remnant: From the Ashes’ take on the Souls-like formula has proven a hit so far, and developer Gunfire Games plans to keep the momentum going with a set of free updates for the game this month. Today, the studio has provided more details on the upcoming adventure mode, and announced a new dungeon called Leto’s Lab.

Leto’s Lab will dynamically spawn on Earth, and will mix the usual combat challenges with some light puzzles to solve, all culminating in a brand-new boss fight. It’ll be a little more story-driven than existing dungeons, offering up some insight on the setting’s backstory and the whole deal with the World Stones. This update lands – for free – on September 19.

Before that, on September 12, we’ll get the previously-announced adventure mode update – again, for free. You can hit up the World Stone in Ward 13 to re-roll Earth, Rhom, or Yaesha and play through to the world boss, all without affecting progress in your main campaign. Naturally, anything you pick up here will remain with your character.

Gunfire has noted plans for a “solid stream” of post-launch content, and that includes the option to re-roll Corsus for adventure mode. You can get a bit more detail on the official site.

As Steam Charts shows, Remnant has kept up some pretty impressive player counts for a relatively low-key release – hopefully these continued updates will help keep that success going.