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Renaissance Kingdom Wars is a new spin on the grand strategy genre

Renaissance Kingdom Wars straddles the line between Crusaders King 3's grand strategy and Total War: Pharaoh's RTS, and it's out soon.

Renaissance Kingdom Wars is a new spin on the grand strategy genre: An overhead view of a Renaissance era wallked European castle, from Renaissance Kingdom Wars.

Grand strategy games like Crusader Kings 3 or Hearts of Iron 4 can be a great time, but the complexity that lies at the center of their appeal can also be intimidating to genre newcomers. Fortunately, those who want a gentler introduction to the strategy space can find enjoyably (but not impenetrably) dense starting points like Total War: Pharaoh, Age of Empires 4, or, very soon, the RTS and grand strategy mash up of the upcoming Renaissance Kingdom Wars.

Renaissance Kingdom Wars is a strategy game that kicks off in 1510, with war raging between the powers of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa while, simultaneously, advancements in the arts and sciences flourish. It casts players as a mercenary captain who, if they prove themselves in battle and politics, can eventually rise to the position of a lord, sovereign, or even the head of a sprawling empire.

This advancement takes the form of RTS battles, fought with military technologies that progress to throughout the game to match the forward march of time, and management systems like economics, diplomacy, and trade. Players can also start as a minor lord from the outset or choose to begin their game under the flag of, per the Steam description, one of “36 historic kingdoms” from the 16th century.

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Renaissance Kingdom Wars is out in Early Access next Monday July 15. You can find more on its Steam page right here.

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