Renowned Explorers gets a new trailer and a release date

Renowned Explorers release date

After being quite taken with Reus (though Jules wasn’t a fan), I’ve been eagerly awaiting Renowned Explorers: International Society. Set in the 19th Century, it’s a strategy adventure where you can assemble a team of explorers to chart the unknown, get in brawls with the locals and try a spot of diplomacy. 

It’s got a release date, now, and a new trailer that you can watch right now. 

It’s all seems quite a bit like Curious Expedition, currently on Early Access, which must be a bit frustrating for Abbey Games, who announced Renowned Explorers well over a year ago, but didn’t go down the Early Access route. The details are different, though, with Curious Expedition having roguelike sensibilities, while Renowned Explorers has its turn-based combat.

It’s due out on September 2nd.

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