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A Manor Lords city building rival on Steam is available to play now

City building games are great, but sometimes you crave the freedom that comes with the open seas. That's where Republic of Pirates comes in.

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I’ve been writing a lot of stories about pirate games recently. I’m not complaining, I love pirates, but I wonder what’s causing the trend. Maybe Skull and Bones being in development for so long gave everyone else time to come up with their own pirate ideas. There are also lots of city builders out there, like Manor Lords, but they can feel limiting when everything feels a bit static. Now, there’s a new game that, like Manor Lords, combines city building and RTS, but, like a pirate, also gives you the freedom to roam whenever and wherever you wish.

In Republic of Pirates, you’re in charge of creating a pirate utopia, a place where all sea dogs can live in freedom, plundering and looting to their heart’s content. As well as developing your island in this city building game, you’ll also be able to engage in RTS naval battles that will allow you to explore the Caribbean archipelago, conquer territories, capture merchant vessels, and defeat rival factions.

It’s not all sailing on the seven seas, however. You’ll also have to use your wits to prosper. Ever-changing relationships with other pirate clans will become alliances or rivalries, and you’ll need to earn the favor of trading companies in order to ensure the proper supply of goods.

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As well as city building and naval battles, there are structured missions for you to take on. These could ask you to attack other settlements, collect bounties, or make trade deals. You’ll be able to do all this with eight different ship classes at your disposal and the ability to recruit captains to unlock various combat tactics out at sea.

If you fancy getting dipping your toes into the world of Republic of Pirates then you can buy it now for $22.49 / £18.99, down from $24.99 / £20.99 until Wednesday July 3. You can buy it on Steam, right here.

If you prefer your swashbuckling up close and personal, then there are lots of other pirate games you can try out. Or, you could play some RTS games and work on your battlefield awareness.

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