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Humble Halloween sale offers spooky discounts on big games

Need more horror for the season? The latest Humble sale has you covered

Resident Evil 3 remake

Every game counts among the ranks of Halloween games now – at least judging by the number of Halloween events we’ve written about in the past handful of weeks – but if you still need more spooky games to play, there are a load of sales out there to help you stack your collection. The Epic Halloween sale is live, and you can hop in for the Humble Halloween Sale now, too.

It’s not all horror games, either. You can grab remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3 for half off, or RE7 at 67%, sure, but Capcom’s also got games like Monster Hunter World available for 34% off, or Devil May Cry 5 at 20% off. If you want some gothic superhero action, the whole Batman: Arkham series is similarly on offer at 75% off, or you can get the Tomb Raider or Hitman games at big savings.

If you do want to get spooky, though, there are plenty of options. Perennial favourite Dying Light is on offer at 66% off, Dead by Daylight is 60% off (and its DLC is on discount, too), recent indie body horror monstrosity Carrion is 25% off, and even the ol’, beloved Alan Wake is down to 75% off.

You can head to Humble Store to see the full range of discounts for yourself – either on the top deals page or the runoff page with everything else.

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