Resident Evil 2 Remake sales smash 10 million units globally

Resident Evil 2 Remake sales hit another notable milestone, with the much lauded horror game now having sold 10 million copies globally of the RE2 reimagining

Resident Evil 2 Remake sales pass 10 million copies globally - Mr X

Capcom’s 2019 Resident Evil 2 Remake sales have smashed a major milestone, with the company announcing that the horror game has now surpassed 10 million units sold globally. The ground-up reimagining of the original 1998 classic Resident Evil 2 was widely praised for its sense of atmosphere and the tension of encountering the ever-present threat of Mr X.

With this news, Resident Evil 2 Remake continues to close in on Resident Evil 7, which still sits as Capcom’s second highest-selling release of all time with an impressive 10.8 million units sold as of March 31. Only Monster Hunter: World eclipses it – being currently listed at 18 million total units sold on Capcom’s ‘platinum titles’ listing.

The series as a whole continues to perform well for Capcom – who also labelled its newest entry Resident Evil Village as the fastest-selling game in the series to date in May. The company also mentions its “flexible pricing strategy that leveraged digital sales” as part of the reason for the game’s continued success.

Recently, a patch intended to upgrade the PC version of Resident Evil 2 backfired when it raised the game’s minimum system requirements and broke mod compatibility along the way. Capcom ultimately reverted this change, allowing people to choose between the original DirectX 11 version and the new DirectX 12 update.

If you still fancy injecting some ray traced lighting into the zombie game, one mod implements the technology in a really beautiful fashion. Or perhaps you’d rather use the power of mods to replace the hulking tyrant Mr X with something even more horrible.