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This Resident Evil 2 mod adds Untitled Goose Game’s horrible star

The untitular star of Untitled Goose Game will invade your game in this Resident Evil 2 mod - as Mr X.

The Resident Evil 2 remake is one of the best and scariest games of the year, so it seems only natural that a talented fan is looking to combine it with another one of the best games of the year – which is about scaring people, and being generally horrible. Yes, the untitular star of Untitled Goose Game will be invading Raccoon City in this Resident Evil 2 mod soon.

It’s not out yet, but the mod is the work of dedicated Resident Evil 2 modder – and moderator of the Resident Evil modding forums – ZombieAli, whose most famous work is undoubtedly the mod that replaces the terrifying Mr X with Thomas The Tank Engine.

This upcoming mod from ZombieAli does much the same thing – replace the giant Tyrant in a trenchcoat with an even more frightening character, albeit one that looks just a little out of place. Maybe. In this case, it’s the turn of the horrible goose from Untitled Goose Game – who will hunt you down and kill you now they’re bigger than you.

While the mod isn’t out yet, ZombieAli posted a brief glimpse of his upcoming work on Twitter – where it blew up, of course. The brief shows the iconic entrance of Mr X – where the player turns a corner and he easily lifts the crashed helicopter out of the way – except with the horrible goose instead, who lifts the chopper with its wing. See it below.

ZombieAli says that the final version of the mod will have full sound effects – or “extra HONKS” as he puts it – and yes, the goose is still wearing Mr X’s fedora. “Because he is just so Fancy like that,” says ZombieAli. Sadly there’s no release date for even the first version of the mod, with less honks.

Aside from killer trains and horrible geese, ZombieAli has a few mods for Resident Evil 2 already – which can be found over at Nexusmods. He mostly creates new outfits for the characters, such as Harley Quinn-like clothes for Claire Redfield. Mr X Thomas is undoubtedly one of the more famous mods for Resident Evil 2 out there, however, along with the Mr X Gon’ Give It To Ya music replacement mod – which we still have installed.