Resident Evil 3 Charlie Dolls: every toy statue in the game

These bobbleheads are a pain to locate, so we're here to help you track down the lot of them

All Resident Evil 3 Charlie Dolls

Looking for all of the Resident Evil 3 Charlie Dolls? There are 20 of these bobblehead statues hidden around Raccoon City’s various levels and areas, from the subway stations and downtown, to the hospital and the RPD station.

You’ll need to destroy each of the Resident Evil 3 Charlie Doll statues you come across. Fortunately, you don’t need to destroy all of these in a single campaign run, so if you reach the end of the campaign then you can hop back into any of your old saves to go and hoover up the last of these Charlie Doll statues. One thing to bear in mind is that you’ll want to have at least one bullet at any one time as some of these are too far to strike with your survival knife. We’ve also got guides to the Resident Evil 3 subway puzzle, where to find Bolt Cutters in Resident Evil 3, and the Lightning Hawk location.

It’s also worth noting that some of these are in places you won’t be able to backtrack to, so be prepared to face a second playthrough for at least two or three of these. Of course you’ll want to replay the game for a bunch of other reasons like acquiring the various bonus weapons.

Here are the locations of all Resident Evil 3 Charlie Dolls:

Charlie Doll 1 – Redstone Street Station

This is located immediately after Carlos jumps in with a rocket launcher to save Jill after the first encounter with the creature. Instead of following Carlos into the station, turn around as soon as you have control over Jill and head back to the street. Look for a red and blue newspaper box – the first Charlie Doll statue is located between them.

Charlie Doll 2 – Donut Shop Downtown

Look behind the counter of the Donut Shop and the second Charlie Doll is on top of a microwave.

Charlie Doll 3 – Downtown

This Charlie Doll statue is in the building that connects the two largest areas in Downtown, which is the attic room with the paintings and the Aqua Cure Queen safe. As you enter the room, head along the left-hand side of the room and look up to the shelves on the right.

Charlie Doll 4 – Subway Control Room

This is very easy to spot as you’ll come to this area as part of the story. When you’re done solving the puzzle, look left and down along the desk and you’ll spot the fourth Charlie Doll.

Charlie Doll 5 – Substation Control Room

Look around the shelves in the Substation Control Room and you’ll find Charlie Doll number five on top of a cabinet.

Charlie Doll 6 – Toy Uncle

You’ll need to backtrack here after getting the lockpick but before starting the Nemesis chase – so avoid fixing the train’s route until you grab this. Head back to the Toy Uncle store, open the door with the lockpick, and shoot this bobblehead as soon as you’re through the door.

Charlie Doll 7 – Sewers

Before you go up the short ladder on the right to the Lab, simply look ahead through the metal bars and you should spot a Charlie Doll in the bottom right corner.

Charlie Doll 8 – Sewers

This is really easy to miss as it’s in the transition between Sewers and the Nemesis boss fight. Just after you descend a ladder and then use the Battery Pack to open up a new door you need to go halfway up the staircase and turn 180 degrees. You should see a light and a Charlie Doll on the ledge above it.

Charlie Doll 9 – Gun Shop Kendo

After you grab the key to the alley you’ll head through there and into a house with some tentacled zombies to kill. Slay them and on a shelf in the first room you’ll spot this quite obvious Charlie Doll.

Charlie Doll 10 – RPD Courtyard

After you deal with zombie Brad you need to backtrack to the graveyard and head through a previously boarded up shed and through to the courtyard. Look for a flower bed and you’ll find Charlie Doll number ten.

Charlie Doll 11 – RPD Security Deposit Room

At the back of the Security Deposit Room on top of some of the lockers you’ll spot the 11th Charlie Doll.

Charlie Doll 12 – Subway Tunnels

When you return to Jill in the underground section you’ll encounter some zombies in cells. The last cell on the right has a Charlie Doll statue under the bunk.

Charlie Doll 13 – Clock Tower Plaza

Before getting on the bridge that leads out of this area, keep left and look around a truck for the next Charlie Doll statue.

Charlie Doll 14 – Hospital Lab Reception

Just before going through the door to this room there’s a hospital bed on the left with a Charlie Doll on it.

Charlie Doll 15 – Hospital

Tight right around the door as soon as you exit onto the exterior Hospital roof.

Charlie Doll 16 – Hospital Sick Room

Go through the double doors on the right and there’s a bin as you look right. Look inside the bin and you can spot this incredibly tough to find collectible.

Charlie Doll 17 – Hospital

You find this when you take control of Jill and head through a previously locked door and down to the hospital’s underground section. Look for a forklift on the left as you descend the staircase into a large room – it’s nestled on top.

Charlie Doll 18 – Underground Storage

In the main underground warehouse with all of the moving containers you’ll come to a shelf that you can slip through in order to reach the next area – you can find Charlie Doll 18 on the right on a shelf as you pass through this gap.

Charlie Doll 19 – Nest 2

In the large room where you mix the vaccine together there is a balcony overlooking some incubation pods. Tight left around the door there’s a Charlie Doll.

Charlie Doll 20 – Nest 2 Lab 1

Turn left and look between the crates as you exit Lab 1 to find Charlie Doll 20.

And that’s all of the Charlie Dolls in Resident Evil 3. This should net you a trophy or achievement depending on your platform, not to mention some points to spend on secret weapons in the Resident Evil 3 shop.