Resident Evil 3 Lightning Hawk location

There aren't many hidden guns in Resident Evil 3, but this one may give you the slip


Picked up some spare MAG ammo and wondering where you can find the gun that it’s for, the Resident Evil 3 Lightning Hawk? Every Resident Evil game tends to feature a hand cannon of some form or another, and the Lightning Hawk in Resident Evil 3 is one of the best yet. Modelled on the iconic Desert Eagle, the MAG-firing pistol can two-shot the difficult Hunter enemies and destroy a zombie with a single shot.

As you near the end of the game having a variety of weapons and some more powerful tools is essential as you’ll be dealing with many, many more standard zombies than usual, not to mention formidable beasts like the Nemesis and regenerating zombies.

You can find the .44 AE Lightning Hawk in the hospital level when playing as Jill Valentine. The hand cannon is located in an area of the hospital that you’re unable to access when playing as Carlos Oliveira. Here’s exactly where to look in order to acquire this mighty sidearm.

Resident Evil 3 Lightning Hawk location

As soon as you gain control of Jill you need to start backtracking through the hospital all the way back to the Nurse’s Station. At the end of the corridor that leads to the Nurse’s Station door, turn left and you should see some debris, a blood trail, and a small opening that only Jill can fit through – apparently Carlos is a smidge too hench.

Once through, jump out of the window on the left and search the box in the courtyard.

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Watch out for a Hunter on the way back to the Hospital reception. Thankfully you’ll only need two shots to drop the mutant.