Resident Evil 4 HD will spread like a virus on February 28th

Resident Evil 4 HD on Steam

Seven years after it first got ported over to PC, Resident Evil 4 (henceforth referred to as The Best Resident Evil) is getting a glossy upgrade in the form of The Best Resident Evil HD, which will be available on Steam come February 28th.

This version boasts a complete graphics overhaul, optimisation for widescreen support including tweaks to the text, textures and character models, Steam achievements, Steam trading cards and a global leaderboard. It will also contain everything the original version came with, including the bonus content.

If you pre-purchase The Best Resident Evil HD – for £14.99 – you’ll also get a 60+ track digital music album and an 80+ digital archive containing character biographies, concept art among other stuff. Perfect for those of you who like to look at things with your eyes and listen to things with your ears.

I haven’t played The Best Resident Evil since I lost my Gamecube in a card game and I never played the PS2 or PC versions, so I’m almost certainly going to be taking this for a spin. It’ll be a great way to wash away the stink of Resident Evil 5 and 6, though the surprisingly excellent Resident Evil Revelations has already done most of the work.