Resident Evil 4 hides a secret method for killing Salazar instantly

Resident Evil 4 Remake has an annoying boss in the form of Ramon Salazar, but the Capcom horror game hides a secret way for offing the RE4 baddie in two hits.

Resident Evil 4 hides a secret method for killing Salazar instantly: A man in a powdered wig with a sinister expression, Salazar from Capcom horror game Resident Evil 4 Remake

When it comes to Resident Evil 4 Remake bosses, Salazar, surely, is the most annoying of them all. He moves quickly, he flies around the room, he’s got a one-hit-kill attack, and he shoots that black ooze everywhere. In the original RE4, I always just bought a rocket launcher from the Merchant and decked Salazar in one shot. Resident Evil 4 Remake means that’s a little harder, since the horror game‘s bazooka costs a lot more now, but it turns out there’s an equally swift – but much more absurd – method for dropping Salazar in an instant.

It all comes back to the Merchant, and those Resident Evil 4 Remake blue medallion locations. As you might remember, as well as tasking you with finding the precious blue discs, the Merchant has an extensive list of requests for you to complete.

One of these, in the final stages of the castle, involves finding a portrait of Ramon Salazar and defacing it by hitting it with an egg. Perhaps you have one left in your inventory from the village. Alternatively, there’s a rare golden egg locked in a drawer in the same room as the portrait. Seems innocuous enough, but actually, it’s a massive hint.

See, if you hit Salazar with a golden egg during the actual boss fight, it takes off a massive 70% of his health. Hit him with two golden eggs, and that’s it, he’s done for.

Don’t believe me? Check out this clip from ‘Larxa,’ a Twitch streamer famous for beating Elden Ring using only voice controls. She’s responsible for discovering the Salazar egg method, and thus changing Resident Evil 4 Remake forever.

Okay, so where can you find the golden eggs? As mentioned previously, there’s one in the castle throne room – you can get in there in chapter 12, just before the clock tower sequence that precedes the Salazar battle itself.

There’s also one in chapter 4. When you’re exploring the lake, head over to the small area in the very far east and get out of your boat. You’ll find a bunch of chickens and, right at the back, a golden egg.

Now, there is a Merchant quest for selling a golden egg, so if you use both to kill Ramon, you won’t be able to complete that. But especially if you’re playing on Hardcore or Professional, it’s worth the sacrifice, since Salazar is an absolute headache.

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