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Resident Evil 7 mod offers huge 4K texture upscale

Resident Evil 7, Capcom’s beloved first-person horror reboot, has a mod that upscales textures to beautiful 4K, and it works with both VR and ray tracing

Resident Evil 7 has received a new mod, transforming the visuals of Capcom’s brutal survival horror by upscaling more than 1,000 textures to 4K quality, and allowing for both VR play and the ray tracing or non-ray tracing versions of the game.

Available now at Nexus Mods, the 4K upscale texture pack by Ashok transforms precisely 1,497 textures in Resident Evil 7, turning the glum and muddy Baker estate into a detailed and ever more immersive new world. Wood panels have cracks and chips, metal is covered in patches of rust, and all those other icky details – like the loose nails, the random blood stains, and the creeping black mould – pop off the screen with added vividity.

Any textures that were already 4K in the base game remain untouched, as do a variety of detailed assets like patterned carpets and fine lettering. Nevertheless, all the 1K and 2K textures from Resident Evil 7 have been revamped, and the mod supports both DX11 and DX12 versions of the game – if you didn’t like the ray tracing added in the recent update, you can still use this free texture pack.

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You also have options in terms of how extensive you want the mod to be applied. Ashok has released two versions: ‘full’ upscales everything 1K or 2K to 4K, whereas ‘lite’ only upscales the 1K textures, so if you want to retain some of the original visuals, but with a few little improvements, that’s the one for you.

It’s an excellent mod, especially given Resident Evil 7’s VR support – playing with a headset, you can easily appreciate the added level of detail, and how that makes the houses, gardens, and rundown shacks of RE7 feel more real and more terrifying.

Resident Evil 7’s 4K upscale is available now, along with detailed instructions on how to get it installed.