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Watch Simon Miller ask the big question: what the hell even is a Resident Evil 7?

miller rapport resident evil 7

Another week, another chance to submit yourself to the visual and aural assault that is Simon Miller: a man so terrifying in physique that he’d blend in quite well with the Baker family of Resident Evil 7. What’s that? You don’t know what a Resident Evil 7 is? Well, horror-gaming Lassie, let Simon Miller fill you in, and try not to take any of his insults to heart – he hates us all equally.

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To answer that question, Miller takes us through the franchises troubled history, insulting every type of nerd under the sun while he’s at it. Again, he can’t help it, it’s all the protein. Then there’s the name of the franchise, which is tediously obvious. Miller has some alternatives, like Bicep Warrior, Shock Time and The Magical Adventures of, Oh Shit, It’s a Zombie. Oh! And how about that time in the first game where you’re forced to brutally kill a dog, just because it jumped through a window. Honestly, how did we get to number seven in the franchise?

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