Revisit Resident Evil with mod cons on January 20th

Resident Evil Remastered

Resident Evil in 1080p, extra control options, high resolution environments and fancy post-processing wizardry – I don’t normally pay much attention to HD remakes, but gosh am I looking forward to this. The excellent Resident Evil: Revelations has rekindled my love of the series, and while 5 and 6 were mediocre action games, I still want more. Even if that means going back to the beginning. 

And good news! Because Resident Evil HD Remaster is due out very, very soon. You’ll be able to faff around in a creepy house filled with zombies, dogs and horrible spiders come January 20th. If you want a taste of the remake, running at 60fps, then direct your squishy orbs of sight below. 

Unnecessary bosom physics aside, it looks like good stuff. I’ve missed those door screens.

You can see how Capcom has enhanced Resident Evil in a couple of developer walkthroughs released last month.