Resident Evil HD Remaster finally has the original voice acting mod it deserves


The Resident Evil HD Remaster is a lesson in how to do remasters: make it prettier, improve the sounds and update the controls. Leave everything else alone and let players bask in nostalgia as seen through a modern lens. 

Did you know Capcom plan on releasing more HD remasters of popular older games?

One thing was wrong with the REmaster, though: the voice acting just wasn’t cheesy enough. I wanted Barry to say Jill was “almost a Jill sandwich” in his Barrytone (heh, heh, heh) voice. And please let me hear Chris say “looks like we got to the… root of the problem” after defeating a mutant plant.

Basically, I want all of the good stuff. Luckily, a modder has answered my prayers, meticulously adding the voice acting from the 1996 classic into the REmaster.

“It took me a long time to finish this mod mainly because there were more than 500 audio files to edit,” says the modder on their forum post. “And the dialogues were already mixed with sound effects like footsteps, gunshots, enemies, etc. So at some point the editing process became tedious and I had to take breaks more often.”

I think we all agree it was worth the effort. Check out the video below for a small taste:

You can download the mod here.

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